Do koi sleep?

by | May 9, 2022

Have you ever wondered about your koi fish in your Oklahoma Pond? Do they sleep, get stressed out, have teeth, is it a boy or girl and do they hear and how. These are just a few common questions we get asked quite often. Following along and we will explain.

Not in the same manner that we understand, but koi & other pond fish do sleep in Oklahoma. Fish do not have eyelids so they are not able to close their eyes. Instead, fish catch periods of rest by floating in place or nestling into a cozy spot in your pond.

Do Koi have teeth
Do Koi Sleep
What sex is my koi

Like People Fish Also Get Stressed Out

Koi show stress by blushing red in their fins and on their bodies. This is caused by a stressful environment, mostly due to poor water quality. It’s their way of showing us pond owners that something is wrong.

Don’t Be Fooled, Koi Have Teeth!

Koi are equipped with rather large teeth, in the back of their throat. They do not use them defensively or aggressively as they are in the back of their mouth but rather to process any hard-to-chew food they come across in the pond.

Is It a Girl Or Boy?

Female koi tend to have smaller rounded bodies, rounded pectoral fins while male koi are larger, having a sleeker shape, and their pectoral fins are larger and pointed.

How Do Koi Hear?

Koi hear through a type of amplifying system called a Weberian apparatus that other fish do not have. It consists of four pairs of bones called ossicles that connect the inner ear to the swim bladder. The connection of the air chamber to the inner ear greatly improves their ability to hear. So, Koi generally hear three times better than most other fish!

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